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March 07 2015


Why Bow Fenders are essential

Bow bumpers have two main purposes, to shield the watercraft against the anchor as well as shield it from the damage while mooring or berthing the boat. Like the name implies, it's the bow of the watercraft these particular bumpers are designed to preserve. The volume of the bow the fender shields depends on the size of the fender. Because the bow is considered the most vulnerable part of the boat so it is essential that it's well protected.

The bow bumper may be left in place when sailing which enables it to shield the boat from the damage that could happen from the anchor swinging into the bow. The commonest form of bow bumper is actually a V shape with a bulbous section in the middle for taking in any damage, preventing the watercraft from harm. The fenders have three holes that secure them to the boat, 2 at the very top and one in the middle. The rope which is passed through the middle is normally of a longer length and is connected to the mooring cleat. This permits the fender to be adjusted if necessary according to the mooring situation. A selection of various colours is available for the fenders. White and blue are the most common options, but they can be found in burgundy and black. The colour which is picked will depend on the preference of the owner. When more than one fender is needed, which will probably be the case, the same colour can be chosen or they can choose a number of shades to liven up the appearance of the boat. This kind of design may work best on boats that offer rides to the public such as river ferry boats. The fenders are protected against UV damage so whichever colour is picked, the watercraft owner can be certain the colours won't fade.This excellent website www.jonesboatchandlery.co.uk/anchor-marine-fenders is loaded with lots of narrowboat fenders to buy.

A horseshoe style is also sometimes used for bow fenders. This particular design is inclined to have a nylon strap around the middle of the bumper and the central hole is located on this strap. This enables the fender to be elevated and lowered when necessary. Rather than simply being placed on the front of the watercraft, these fenders tend to be attached around the bow.

Bow bumpers are available in a variety of distinct colours. To a certain degree, bow fenders are not as ornamental as other sorts of fender so the choice of colour doesn't involve such consideration. Similar to other kinds of fender, white and blue are the most common colours with black also being offered.

Sailing schools find bow bumpers especially beneficial because they protect the motorboat against any damage that could occur when trainees are first learning how to guide the motorboat. Because of this, they're also commonly used in recreation centres or some other locations where the sailing of the boat is carried out by individuals who're reasonably inexperienced. Obviously, it is not just inexperienced sailors which may have an accident; for that reason wherever boats are sailed bow fenders must be used.

Watercraft that frequently berth at marinas will also take advantage of bow bumpers. This is because the bow is usually the section of the boat that is moored in a marina. As the bumpers are adjustable, the person steering the watercraft can berth at virtually any marina, whatever the height of the mooring content.

Bow fenders, although not crucial, could be an important component of your sailing kit and really should be included in your armoury against any kind of unwanted knocks and scrapes. Getting bow bumpers on your motorboat may allow you to avoid a costly repair bill further down the line.

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